The Invasion of Ukraine: Coping at a Distance

By Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

April 2022 FEATURE
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War cuts deeper than flesh wounds. Weeks into Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Penang Monthly speaks to a Ukrainian and a Russian based in Malaysia, on how “home” has taken a new depth of meaning.FROM HIS APARTMENT in KL, Ivan Klymenko says to me via video call, “Now is not the time to cry. We do it later. Now, I need to gather my energy and help my country.” Ivan first arrived in Malaysia from Ukraine in January for a business...

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Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

is a former journalist with an interest in new media and social justice. A university lecturer by profession, she is happily married to her English husband, and is always planning for their next spine-chilling adventure. She does not take life too seriously, and occasionally daydreams about living the van life.