Using Clubhouse for a Good Cause

By Joel Teh

April 2022 FEATURE
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John interacts with participants across Google Meet and Clubhouse for episodes of the Penang Hokkien Podcast.
REMEMBER THE INVITE-ONLY social audio app, Clubhouse? It was the virtual place to be at the height of Covid in 2020, hosting a dizzying array of conversations, from business and personal development, to fandom and literature, in a chatroom with like-minded individuals.In fact, there are those too who now use it for social activism, like John Ong and Arissa Jemaima Ikram.Roots Not Easily ForgottenI spoke to John, who from his base in the U.S., waved aside the notion that his...

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Joel Teh

is a creative writer, singer and activist. He is fascinated by memes, books, folklore music and food.