Remembering Penang’s Municipal Band

By Paul Augustin, Kelvyn Yeang

April 2022 FEATURE
main image
At the Botanic Gardens circa late 1940s. The photo of the Penang Municipal Band was taken before their performance. Photo by: The Scott Family Collection
DID YOU KNOW that in the late 1800s, Penang had its very own municipal band? The exact year of its formation remains unclear; newspaper clippings from January 8, 1948 and April 9, 1977 respectively, reported the band being established around the 1870s. But according to Penang Past and Present (1786-1963), published by the George Town City Council, it was formed in 1890, when the Governor sanctioned a contribution from the Municipal funds towards the maintenance of the Town Band.The story...

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Paul Augustin

is the director of Penang House of Music, and founder and festival director of the Penang Island Jazz Festival.

Kelvyn Yeang

Proficient in multiple creative disciplines, Kelvyn Yeang is a musician by night and media content creator by day. When he is not writing, designing, or creating, Kelvyn wanders the streets of George Town in search of a good story and a cup of coffee.