Crafting Voices: An Interview with BFM’s Lee Chwi Lynn and Sharmilla Ganesan

By William Tham

April 2022 FEATURE
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Co-presenters Sharmilla Ganesan and Lee Chwi Lynn of BFM, the independent radio station.
MANY YEARS AGO, an unnamed German programme director, in conversation with Walter Benjamin, recalled how his first foray into broadcasting did not quite go according to plan:The radio listener is almost always a solitary individual […] you need to behave as if you were speaking to a solitary individual but in no case to a large gathering of people.[1]Several decades on, how has this changed? What does the radio landscape look like for the people behind the microphone?The Art of...

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William Tham

His novel, The Last Days, is set in 1981 and covers the continuing legacy of the Malayan Emergency. He is currently an editor-at-large with Wasifiri and also an MA candidate at Universiti Malaya.