A Crash Course in Hosting Your Own Podcast

By Yeoh Siew Hoon

April 2022 FEATURE
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With film-makers, Jason Chan and Christian Lee. The pair also founded Cinewav, a technology that integrates the use of a mobile app in film screenings.
I’D LIKE TO begin this article by saying I’m no expert on podcasts. I trained as a journalist and decided over the last three years to venture into podcasting – needless to say, the two mediums do overlap somewhat.The first of my podcast is a personal passion project called A Life In Travel, featuring conversations with all kinds of interesting people whose lives have been changed by travel; and the second, The WiT Podcast, is an online travel industry series...

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Yeoh Siew Hoon

When not travelling or writing, Yeoh Siew Hoon, the founder of WiT (Web in Travel), likes hanging out with her dogs, Florence and Bowie, with whom she’s had to spend a lot of time during the pandemic. She’s thankful they are still sane.