Muntri – A Peaceful and Charming Street Just a Step Away from the Madding Crowd

By Pan Yi Chieh

March 2022 FEATURE
main image
Gala House sits at the corner of Lebuh Muntri and Lebuh Leith. Photo by: Pan Yi Chieh.
LEBUH MUNTRI IS a relatively quiet street that runs parallel to the bustling Lebuh Chulia, one of the main trading streets in George Town. Research suggests that it was perhaps named after the Mantri of Larut,[1] and in the mid- to late nineteenth century, Lebuh Muntri was gradually instilled with Cantonese and Hainanese elements when the inner enclave of George Town became predominantly occupied by the Hokkien mercantile community.[2]Later, various social and cultural organisations were established on Lebuh Muntri, including...

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Pan Yi Chieh

is a research analyst at Penang Institute who was born in Taiwan but now lives in Penang. She is proud to be nurtured by the two beautiful islands she regards as home.