PSDC: A Technical Skills Institute of Excellence

By Ooi Tze Xiong

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THE 1980S IN Penang was a time of rapid economic growth. A decade earlier, then Chief Minister Lim Chong Eu had envisioned the creation of the Free Industrial Zones (FIZ) at Bayan Lepas and Seberang Perai, in hopes of turning Penang’s fortunes around from its dwindling maritime trade.The multinational companies (MNCs) that subsequently established themselves here created employment for the Penang masses, albeit the job opportunities were low-skill and the wages were commensurate with this. Over time however, industrial captains...

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Ooi Tze Xiong

a Xaverian, currently works at a multinational firm at Bayan Lepas. After years of sojourning in cities across Malaysia and Singapore, he eventually decided to call Penang home.