Manora: Much More Than Just a Ritualistic Dance

By Izzuddin Ramli

March 2022 FEATURE
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Photo courtesy of PUSAKA, by: Mohd Faiz Abd Halim.
PEOPLE FREELY MOVED along the neck of the Malay peninsula before the 1940 Agreement was introduced which necessitated a border pass for crossing between British Malaya and Thailand. Among this nomadic group were monks, musicians and the common folk who had lost faith in their leaders and thus were in search of a new home.In the Malaysian states of Penang, Kedah and Kelantan today, culturally mixed Siamese communities continue to preserve their identity and cultural traits. One of these traits...

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Izzuddin Ramli

is a Kelantanese analyst at Penang Institute. He is a writer who seeks refuge in Penang, and agrees with Rumi that the Earth is not our home, we are just passing through.