The Female Gaze and Representation of Women in Malaysian Cinema

By Kalash Nanda Kumar

March 2022 FEATURE
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Shuhaimi Baba. Photo by:
SHUHAIMI BABA’S Pontianak Harum Sundal Malam first premiered in cinemas in 2004. The film became a massive box office hit, instantly pushing Maya Karin, its lead actress, into stardom. It has since cemented its status as one of Malaysia’s definitive supernatural films, and if there ever were to be a “Malaysian cinema canon”, it would occupy a space on the list.The few lingering memories I have of watching it was Maya Karin’s haunting performance; her presence on screen is so...

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Kalash Nanda Kumar

is currently pursuing his postgraduate degree in English Literature. He volunteers with non-profits, enjoys arthouse cinema and jazz music.