Accepting Bodily Imperfections and Physical Variations

By Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

March 2022 FEATURE
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Sonya launched Vitiligo Association Malaysia on social media, which aims to bring awareness and educate people on vitiligo.
SHOWN, HIDDEN, CELEBRATED, hated. Our bodies have never been more scrutinised in recent years. From advertisements promoting remedies for underarm wrinkles, the perfect abs and unrealistic guides to achieving thigh gaps, we are told that we are not enough and we are pressured instead to strive for society’s current standard for beauty.I thought these advertisements innocuous enough until I overheard a toddler’s conversation with her mum. She had refused to put on her raincoat in the pouring rain because it...

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Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

is a former journalist with an interest in new media and social justice. A university lecturer by profession, she is happily married to her English husband, and is always planning for their next spine-chilling adventure. She does not take life too seriously, and occasionally daydreams about living the van life.