Artisanal Bakery “Treats” for Pets

By Priyanka Bansal

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Pawserie offers a broad selection of straightforward, festive and downright "adventurous” drool-worthy treats.
THE ENDURING BOND between owner and pet has in recent years widened the pool of pet services available; from grooming to boarding – and even an artisanal bakery!During the country’s third lockdown in mid-May last year, Jasmine Claire Ong took three months unpaid leave from her workplace to try her hands at making simple pet treats for close friends and family. Ong previously earned her baccalaureate in International Hospitality Management with Sunway University and Le Cordon Bleu.Jasmine, the owner of...

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Priyanka Bansal

is an Indian expat living in Penang. Owing to her artistic bent of mind she loves writing, painting and crafting. She is also a passionate hiker with a mountaineering degree. On the academic front, she holds a postgraduate degree in public health nursing with 8 years of lectureship experience.