Learning the Intricacies of Chinese Tea Ceremonies

By Sherra Yeong

February 2022 FEATURE
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Tea-drinking is both a pleasurable and communal custom.
STRETCHING AS FAR back as the Tang dynasty in China, tea-drinking is both a pleasurable and communal custom. In Chinese weddings especially, tea-drinking assumes a ceremonious elevation. In serving tea to their elders, the newlyweds show respect and gratitude for having been given their parents’ blessings. The ceremony also symbolises the union of the two families and represents the virtues of purity, stability and fertility.“In modern times, tea-drinking is also seen as a lifestyle choice; more health-conscious people are taking...

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Sherra Yeong

is an aspiring author with a Bachelor’s degree in Food Science and a passion for good food and wine. She writes at sherrayeong.com.