Managing the Passing of Precious Pets

By Yong-Yu Huang

February 2022 FEATURE
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Crosses and other religious symbols will be placed with the pet before its cremation. Photo by: Yong-Yu Huang.
DEEP WITHIN THE sprawling tunnels of Egypt’s “Pet Catacombs,”[1] the remains of roughly eight million mummified pets – mostly dogs – have been discovered. With revered deities such as Anubis, the jackal-headed god of the dead, and Bast, the cat goddess, it is not surprising that even in death, the ancients also accorded their pets similar treatment and respect as humans.A Japanese study conducted at public pet cremation centres suggests how the passing of an indoor pet, as opposed to one...

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Yong-Yu Huang

is a Taiwanese student based in Penang. She doesn’t know where she’s headed, but she hopes there’ll be tea.