The Japanese Occupation of Penang, Seen from the College General

By Serge Jardin

February 2022 FEATURE
main image
The College General circa 1868. Photo by: Kristen Feilberg
THE COLLEGE GENERAL in Pulau Tikus was a fascinating place. Probably one of the most cosmopolitan places in Penang with more than a dozen nationalities living together, speaking many languages, but communicating in a dead language: Latin. A Catholic seminary is by nature very insular, avoiding outside contact and keeping away from worldly events. Yet, the war arrived: the bombings, the arrests, the rationing… History caught up with it, throwing the seminarists into the world and the world entered the...

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Serge Jardin

Independent researcher, Serge Jardin is working on Walks in the French Memory of Malaysia and on the Diary of a French Mercenary in Dutch Melaka.