The Japanese Conquest of Penang: Part Two

By William Tham, Enzo Sim

February 2022 LEST WE FORGET
main image
Japanese troops advancing into High Street (Jalan Tun HS Lee) in KL on January 11, 1942. Photo by: Imperial War Museums.
[IN DECEMBER 2021, Penang Monthly published Part One of The Japanese Conquest of Penang. This issue covers the remainder of the campaign and what came after].The turn of the new year in 1942 was not promising for the British. Their forces were steadily pushed further south as the Pacific War reached Malaya – part of the Japanese imperial effort to secure resources for their faltering military campaigns in China. The Japanese had already overwhelmed the northern defences by December 1941...

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William Tham

His novel, The Last Days, is set in 1981 and covers the continuing legacy of the Malayan Emergency. He is currently an editor-at-large with Wasifiri and also an MA candidate at Universiti Malaya.

Enzo Sim

is a Mass Communications graduate who has an unwavering passion towards international relations, history and regional affairs of Southeast Asia. His passion has brought him to different Southeast Asian capitals to explore the diverse cultural intricacies within the region.