Penang’s Biodiversity in Numbers

By Ng Kar Yong, Yap Jo-yee

January 2022 STATISTICS
main image
Penang Hill Biosphere Reserve. Photo by: The Habitat Penang Hill
Biosphere ReservesON SEPTEMBER 15, 2021, Penang Hill was designated a Biosphere Reserve (BR) under Unesco’s Man and the Biosphere Programme. This is the state’s second Unesco recognition following George Town’s inscription as a World Heritage Site in 2008.The designation not only recognises the biodiversity of the area, but more importantly, promotes the conservation of biodiversity, economically and environmentally sustainable development, and research and education.Worldwide, there are 727 BR sites spread over 131 countries.1 Europe and North America house the highest...

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Ng Kar Yong

is a statistician at Penang Institute who loves art and nature.

Yap Jo-yee

is a research analyst at Penang Institute whose interests range from development issues to behavioural economics. Her latest goal is to use ggplot2 without Google’s help.