Mushrooms! Photo Evidence of Penang’s Biodiversity

By Ooi Geok Ling

January 2022 PHOTO ESSAY
main image
Does this look like a “turkey tail” to you? It is the common name of this Trametes versicolor, owing to its multiple colours. Location: At Mount Olivia.
BEFORE I STARTED hiking during the lockdowns, I had only ever thought of mushrooms as those found in supermarkets, either fresh or dried. But they are now my favourite subjects to photograph, despite their disrupting the momentum of my hikes. I only wish I carry a better camera instead of my ubiquitous smartphone, Leica lens notwithstanding. In less than a year, I have photographed a small collection of mushrooms from all around Penang, yet another testimony to the Island’s biodiversity!Mushrooms,...

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Ooi Geok Ling

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