Langurs: Primates on the Brink of Extinction

By Regina Hoo

January 2022 FEATURE
main image
Rabak PerBELITan Misi dan Visi by Maizul Affendy Baharudin, 2021. Mixed media. 84cm x 63cm.
ART CURATION IS not always only about aesthetic sense. Every now and then, mere visual appreciation is merged with, even submerged in, other much more pressing concerns. Nowadays, that is often about ecological dangers.An example of this has been the exhibition Langur: Building Bridge Between Our Worlds, which was held over the last two months of 2021. As many as 60 artworks on this primate, done by 60 artists from Penang and Malaysia, were put on display at the Dewan...

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Regina Hoo

is the deputy editor of Penang Monthly.