The Penang Botanic Gardens – A Green Gem Like No Other

By Prof. Dato' Dr. Zulfigar Yasin

January 2022 FEATURE
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The colourful Wagler’s pit viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri, is a common hunter in the lowland forest. The Penang Botanic Gardens lies adjacent to the tropical rainforest and shares many of its inhabitants.
FOR NORMAL VISITORS to Penang, the Botanic Gardens, fondly called the Waterfall Gardens, does not rank high on their list of must-visit places. But this treasure is all the more popular among avid botanists who relish the Gardens' steep legacy of early botanical conservation efforts.Established in 1884, the Gardens measure 72 acres and was initially used for the planting of spices such as nutmeg, cloves and pepper. It also offered the opportunity for transient wayfarers to indulge in the tropical...

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Prof. Dato' Dr. Zulfigar Yasin

is a marine environmental scientist who is an Honourable Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia and a visiting senior analyst at Penang Institute. His work now focuses on the sustainable development of the marine environment.