Middle Bank: A Marine Sanctuary to Enrich the Future

By Prof. Dato' Dr. Zulfigar Yasin

January 2022 FEATURE
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The flowering seagrass, Enhalus acoroides, the largest seagrass species in the world, is found on the Middle Bank. The seeds of these plants are a favourite food of the dugong. Unfortunately, there is no dugong population left in the Straits of Malacca.
I CHANCED UPON an old British map of Penang from 1884 – it was a nautical chart of the sea. The Island's shoreline then resembled an irregular square which over the hundred-odd years since, had been rounded by reclamation. This is especially obvious on the eastern foreshore, where shallow coasts had since been reclaimed at Tanjung Tokong, Bayan Baru and Batu Maung.While poring over the map, I noticed yet another interesting feature. It is a marine seascape where a long...

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Prof. Dato' Dr. Zulfigar Yasin

is a marine environmental scientist who is an Honourable Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia and a visiting senior analyst at Penang Institute. His work now focuses on the sustainable development of the marine environment.