Which Came First, the Chneh Hu or Pasembur?

By Ong Jin Teong, Peter Yeoh

December 2021 FEATURE
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Ingredients used for the Teochew chneh hu include grated bang kwang, carrots, starfruit and pickled mustard (chai por). Photo by: Peter Yeoh
FRIENDS AND RELATIVES from the post-war generation would remember the famous chneh hu stall at Padang Brown. Unfortunately, the stall is no longer there. There was another stall near my kampung at Moulmein Road close to the Pulau Tikus market which operated in the mornings. The hawker retired a few years ago. Today, there are at least two stalls, one at the Batu Lanchang market and the other, at the Cecil Street market. Both serve a credible chneh hu but...

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Ong Jin Teong

is an engineering and food consultant. He conducts cooking classes, does research on Nonya and heritage cuisine, and hosts the occasional supper club. He has published two award-winning books: Penang Heritage Food – Yesterday’s Recipes for Today’s Cook and Nonya Heritage Kitchen – Origins, Utensils and Recipes.

Peter Yeoh

is an avid food lover who loves exploring food history. He writes for Hungry Onion, a US-based food site, and is also the administrator for Malaysian Food Whisperers and Penang Walkabouts.