Inhabiting a World Populated by Pieces of Art

By Kelvyn Yeang

December 2021 FEATURE
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GEORGE TOWN WAS a sensory feast for artist Ono Kang on his walks to school many years ago. He was especially charmed by the colourfully tiled five-foot ways, and drawn to peddlers who’d creak along thoroughfares and the kuih man whose cries would sporadically punctuate the air.The scenes he took in gave Ono great comfort when schooling did not. Unbeknownst to him and his schoolteachers at the time, Ono was dyslexic and found it challenging to cope academically. He would...

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Kelvyn Yeang

Proficient in multiple creative disciplines, Kelvyn Yeang is a musician by night and media content creator by day. When he is not writing, designing, or creating, Kelvyn wanders the streets of George Town in search of a good story and a cup of coffee.