Claiming Right of Place in Malaysian Cinema for Indigenous Stories

By Yong-Yu Huang

December 2021 FEATURE
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Nadira on the set of Old Souls. Photo by: Al Ibrahim
NADIRA ILANA IS doing it all. This Sabahan filmmaker, film programmer and activist of mixed-Dusun heritage, recalls in memory snippets her first encounters with the film industry: visits to an old theatre in her hometown of Kota Kinabalu, her rummages through bargain bins full of movies, and Hollywood musical numbers. These experiences, Nadira says, were formative in her creative journey. In her 2012 documentary, The Silent Riot, Nadira explored the tumultuous political history of Sabah. Interviews with local elders were...

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Yong-Yu Huang

is a Taiwanese student based in Penang. She doesn’t know where she’s headed, but she hopes there’ll be tea.