Malaysian Cinema: An Intricate Tale of Pride and Prejudice

By Yong-Yu Huang

December 2021 COVER STORY
main image
Photo by: Penang House of Music
THE YELLOWING FLYER bears the printed characters 檳城首都戲院. In English, this reads as Penang’s Capitol Theatre. An illustration of a scene from King Solomon’s Mines accompanies the text, still stark against the paper even after many decades, with faces and weapons alike wreathed in shadow. The flyer advertises in both Chinese and English, the film’s midnight screening for July 14, 1956 – 65 years ago!This document, preserved in the archives of the Penang House of Music, is a remnant of...

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Yong-Yu Huang

is a Taiwanese student based in Penang. She doesn’t know where she’s headed, but she hopes there’ll be tea.