Strong Need for Religious Literacy in Malaysia

By Nadine Faisal

November 2021 U-40
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RELIGIOUSLY DIVERSE AS Malaysia is, its people are strangely monolithic in literacy of the faiths of their fellow countrymen. Thaipusam, for example, takes on the narrowed view in general discourse as “a celebration where Hindus all over the country go processioning to Batu Caves, with sharp stuff stuck in various parts of their bodies.”1 The festival in fact commemorates the occasion when Parvati gifted Murugan a “Vel” spear to banish the demon Soorapadman and his brothers.A convergence of factors helps...

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Nadine Faisal

is currently a programme officer with an NGO that advocates for the rights of migrant workers, refugees, women and children. During her undergraduate years abroad, she worked for her university's Spiritual Life Office, serving the needs of the various faith and non-faith communities on campus