Where Does the Line Go in “Sharenting”?

By Priyanka Bansal

November 2021 FEATURE
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“SHARENTING” CAN BE defined in dual terms. One, as a congregation for parents on social media to share experiences and stories of their children in exchange for support and advice; and two, the more contestable issue of oversharing child-focused images and content.Naturally, during Covid, both activities spiked. Through parents, a child’s digital identity is often shaped long before they are personally acquainted with the online world. Mother of two Ester Laura J., for example, uploads photos and videos of her...

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Priyanka Bansal

is an Indian expat living in Penang. Owing to her artistic bent of mind she loves writing, painting and crafting. She is also a passionate hiker with a mountaineering degree. On the academic front, she holds a postgraduate degree in public health nursing with 8 years of lectureship experience.