IoT Analytics and Its Application in Marine Aquaculture

By Assoc. Prof Dr. Nurul Hashimah Ahamed Hassain Malim (School of Computer Sciences)

November 2021 VOICES OF USM
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An effect of eutrophication.
USING IoT ANALYTICS, the Schools of Computer Sciences and Chemical Engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia are working together with the fish farming community of Sungai Udang to minimise the risk of fish kill1 from eutrophication, a condition where water columns are rich in nutrients (particularly phosphorus and nitrogen) from regular fish feeding and the discharge of fertilisers or sewage into the aquatic system.Eutrophication causes oxygen depletion in coastal environments and stimulates Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB). Where the HAB is non-toxic,...

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Assoc. Prof Dr. Nurul Hashimah Ahamed Hassain Malim (School of Computer Sciences)

specialises in data analytics. She is keen on trying out different application areas to benefit from her ever-growing interest in data analytics.