The Swelling World of the Influencer

By Kelvyn Yeang

November 2021 FEATURE
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INFLUENCER CULTURE HAS become a major phenomenon. Scroll through your Instagram feed and most likely for every third photo you see, a “sponsored post” will appear right after, carefully created and personalised to whet your appetite.The influencer market is distinct though, from celebrity endorsements that are massive in scale and reach; for example, when McDonald’s and the K-pop band BTS teamed up this May to launch the BTS Meal, fans flooded the outlets nationwide to snap up the band’s signature...

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Kelvyn Yeang

Proficient in multiple creative disciplines, Kelvyn Yeang is a musician by night and media content creator by day. When he is not writing, designing, or creating, Kelvyn wanders the streets of George Town in search of a good story and a cup of coffee.