The Martial Art of Wing Chun Finds a Home in Penang

By Enzo Sim

October 2021 FEATURE
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Master Aaron Boey demonstrates the use of the Butterfly Swords, used in a similar fashion as Wing Chun's hand techniques.
WHEN IP MAN – the first of a tetralogy starring Hong Kong actor Donnie Yen – debuted in cinemas late 2008, it became an instant blockbuster. The movie tells the story of the eponymous grandmaster and his dedication to Wing Chun, a martial art that originated in southern China during the Qing dynasty.The Shaolin nun Ng Mui had one day witnessed a struggle between a large rodent and a stork who, to her amazement, used both its wings and legs...

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Enzo Sim

is a Mass Communications graduate who has an unwavering passion towards international relations, history and regional affairs of Southeast Asia. His passion has brought him to different Southeast Asian capitals to explore the diverse cultural intricacies within the region.