The Middle Bank Can Anchor a Green Future For Penang

By Zulfigar Yassin

September 2021 FEATURE
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A group of marine ecologists in the early morning hours, on the Middle Bank at low tide to collect vital information on the health of the ecosystem.
AIR PASANG PAGI, surut pukul lima (a high tide in the morning, ebbs at five) is a traditional Malay pantun (poem) that describes tidal movements in Penang. Over six hours and 40 minutes each day, the high tide recedes to its lowest level, only to rise again; it is this predictable pattern that fisherfolks use to decide their daily routine.In the Penang Strait, water flows south towards the Penang Bridge as the tide rises, and as the tide ebbs, it...

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Zulfigar Yassin

is a marine environmental scientist who is an Honourable Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia and a Visiting Senior Analyst at Penang Institute. His work now focuses on the sustainable development of the marine environment.