Walk Zone: Balik Pulau - Penang Island's Rural Solace

By Syafiqah Nazurah Mukhtar, Lim Sok Swan

September 2021 December 2021 FEATURE
main image
Paddy fields of Balik Pulau. Photo by: Rexy Prakash Chacko
THE EXISTENCE OF the countryside is key to city development. It balances urban stress and supplies the city's needs and sustenance. Urban resilience is almost impossible without this balance.For Penang Island, the western plains have always been a psychological counterweight to the globally connected eastern lowlands, where the seaport, airport and free trade zones lie. Low-lying and hemmed in by high hills on three sides, and openly facing the Indian Ocean, this part of Penang has naturally acted as a...

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Syafiqah Nazurah Mukhtar

is an urban studies researcher who also loves to decorate homes and spaces.

Lim Sok Swan

is currently focusing on heritage studies. She believes that more understanding among different groups and cultures can make Malaysia a better home for all.