Walk Zone: Penang Hill - A Cultural and Ecological Treasure Trove

By Lim Sok Swan

September 2021 FEATURE
main image
Penang Hill's Lower Station, circa 2012. Photo by: tang90246/123rf.com
AS THE FIRST colonial hill station in Malaysia, Penang Hill is an indelible part of The Penang Story. But beyond the administrative function that the station fulfilled, the highlands that form the geological spine of Penang Island is a cultural and ecological treasure trove.Besides being a peaceful back garden for Penang lovers who love hiking, jogging or leisure walking, or who seek a slightly lower temperature to pass the day, this ridge hides historical buildings and its peaks and valleys...

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Lim Sok Swan

is currently focusing on heritage studies. She believes that more understanding among different groups and cultures can make Malaysia a better home for all.