Walk Zone: Pulau Tikus - Penang's Most Liveable District?

By Lim Sok Swan

September 2021 November 2021 January 2022 FEATURE
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AS IT IS today, Pulau Tikus may not be as densely filled with shophouses as George Town is, but what is clear is that it was very much a direct outgrowth of the city centre. One of Penang's longest streets, Jalan Burma, used to seamlessly join the two townships before the redirecting of heavy traffic made that journey the zig-zag undertaking that it is today. In full, Jalan Burma stretches eastwards from the middle part of Jalan Penang for about...

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Lim Sok Swan

is currently focusing on heritage studies. She believes that more understanding among different groups and cultures can make Malaysia a better home for all.