Leaving London and George Town for a Quiet English Village Can Bring Peace

By Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

September 2021 U-40
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Walking through farm fields opened my eyes to the farm-to-table concept which makes prepping and eating food more enjoyable these days.
A GREAT REVERSE migration is happening the world over. Instead of big cities, youths are now seeking greener pastures in the countryside, and the great outdoors."There's one pub, and a small shop that's opened till noon on weekends..."That was all my husband, D, had to say about Tackley over the phone; a village in the UK that he had just visited to view the house that we could be renting. I must admit, I was sceptical at first. What about...

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Kristina Khoo-Rhodes

is a former journalist with an interest in new media and social justice. A university lecturer by profession, she is happily married to her English husband, and is always planning for their next spine-chilling adventure. She does not take life too seriously, and occasionally daydreams about living the van life.