The Unique Wonders of Penang’s Marine Garden

By Zulfigar Yassin

August 2021 FEATURE
main image
The vast expanse of seagrass meadows north of the first Penang Bridge exposed at low tide.
WHAT ARE SEAGRASS meadows? These are natural marine habitats found in shallow waters that support a large diversity of living communities, the most prominent of which is the seagrass.These salt-tolerant plants flourish on sea beds and are known to flower seasonally, like terrestrial plants. At low tide, one is able to glimpse their wide coverage of the meadow, populated by shellfish, marine algae, worms and benthic (bottom living) animals and plants. But as the tide rises, the meadow becomes a...

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Zulfigar Yassin

is a marine environmental scientist who is an Honourable Professor at Universiti Sains Malaysia and a Visiting Senior Analyst at Penang Institute. His work now focuses on the sustainable development of the marine environment.