A Jewel among Jewellers

By Priyanka Bansal

August 2021 FEATURE
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NAM LOONG JEWELLERS was not always known for its jewelleries. In fact, it first started as an import business at 5, Campbell Street, established in 1922 by the Thong cousins who had emigrated from Canton, China. Nam Loong was so named to signify their partnership, symbolised by the three mighty dragons of Southern China.When his two cousins decided to sell their share, Thong Yuet Sang became sole owner of the business. “My grandfather was an enterprising man,” says Philip Thong....

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Priyanka Bansal

is an Indian expat living in Penang. Owing to her artistic bent of mind she loves writing, painting and crafting. She is also a passionate hiker with a mountaineering degree. On the academic front, she holds a postgraduate degree in public health nursing with 8 years of lectureship experience.