Old George Town’s Transportation in Numbers

August 2021 STATISTICS
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Source: Extracted from the chapter Improving the Transport System from Penang Past and Present 1786-1963.LAST OF THE old-type vehicles to consider is the horsedrawn carriage. These were of two kinds, the private carriage and the Hackney carriage or gharry. The gharry was faced with fierce competition from before 1895. Gharries lessened steadily in number but the last of them proved difficult to eliminate. From 151 in 1895 they had dwindled to 20 in 1917 but then increased to 29 in...

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  • Fares for a hired car.
  • If the distance does not exceed one mile …… 15 cents per passenger. Subsequent mileage for every mile or part thereof ……. 10 cents per passenger. Passenger's luggage exceeding ½ picul in weight, or five articles in number …… 5 cents per mile.