Entering Adulthood Indoors... and Online

By Rebecca Vega

July 2021 U-40
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LEAVING SECONDARY SCHOOLING behind is supposed to present endless possibilities. Significant milestones are to appear, together marking a rite of passage into adulthood: Obtaining a driver's license, dipping one's toes in working life and living independently for the very first time.With Covid-19 walling up self-explorations and postponing futures, how is this age group managing? How do youths today feel their way into adulthood? Here is what Gen-Z Malaysians have to say about the last 15 months.Anywhere but HomeSome who had...

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Rebecca Vega

is an editor, writer, embroidery enthusiast, and bibliophile. Her current writing projects explore our relationship with mental health, social media, and the social landscapes of Gen-Z. She is also managing plant parenthood with hopes to expand her green family soon.