Online Schooling: A Necessity that is Not Yet a Virtue

By Jayanthan s/o Thyagarajan, Godharan s/o Thyagarajan

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CAN ONLINE CLASSROOMS reap the equalising benefits of Education that previously eluded traditional learning? Or will it share the same fate?Whether it was ready or not, Malaysia was thrust to the forefront of online learning when Covid-19 upended traditional schooling last March. The transition, at the beginning at least, was radical and clumsily executed; educators who for decades were inoculated with the established teaching methods of chalk, blackboard and textbook struggled to digitally adapt.Meanwhile, the impact on students is still...

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Jayanthan s/o Thyagarajan

is a degree student in the field of English Studies at Wawasan Open University and is a true believer of the saying, “The Pen Is Mightier Than The Sword”.

Godharan s/o Thyagarajan

recently completed his Master’s in Education at Open University Malaysia. He aims to provide students with high-quality education regardless of their backgrounds.