National History Based on Half-truths Undermines the Critical Spirit of the Young

By Santhiram R. Raman

July 2021 FEATURE
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A NATIONAL HISTORY is never fixed and instead, tends to take on chameleon-like characteristics. Malaysian history is no different. Under colonial rule, the population was fed a diet of empire-building feats by colonial masters.With independence, history became a tool for national development. To "decolonise" Malaysia, much emphasis was put on ideals of nation-building and national integration. As a school subject, national history back then advocated inclusivity in Malaysia's plural society. This was a commendable effort to be sure but it...

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Santhiram R. Raman

Dato’ Dr. Santhiram R Raman is the author of the recently published book, From Decolonization to Ethno-Nationalism: A Study of Malaysia’s School History Syllabuses and Textbooks: 1905-2020. (2021) Strategic Information and Research Development Centre, Petaling Jaya.