A Sea Odyssey that Led to a New Home

By Katie Coolbaugh, Enzo Sim

June 2021 FEATURE
main image
Asylum anchored at Koh Mook, just north of Pulau Langkawi, on the route to Phuket.
IT WAS ALMOST 22 years ago, on October 10, 1999, that husband and wife sailing enthusiasts Jim and Katie Coolbaugh left the American east coast to begin their seafaring journey west around the world. Some 15 years later, they landed in Penang for the first time, which has since become an unplanned land-based home for them.Jim, the watermaker repairman, working in small-space conditions under the starboard settee.Asylum's navigation station.After selling their house in suburban Washington, D.C. and moving aboard Asylum,...

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Katie Coolbaugh

was a programme evaluator before becoming a boat bum. No room on the clock or on a boat to play the cello before, she’s thrilled for the opportunity now in Penang.

Enzo Sim

is a Mass Communications graduate who has an unwavering passion towards international relations, history and regional affairs of Southeast Asia. His passion has brought him to different Southeast Asian capitals to explore the diverse cultural intricacies within the region.