From Engineering to Art, From Sarawak to Scotland

By Esther Ping Dominic

March 2021 FEATURE
main image
Iona explains "A Cross to Bear”, an artwork based on paternal influence. Photo: Esther Ping Dominic
AS A CHILD, Iona Danald would watch her maternal grandmother work with different fabrics and coloured threads. She was a seamstress, and it was from her that Iona nurtured her fascination for textile art. At the same time though, she remained very much attached to coloured pencils.Despite her evident love for art, Iona chose a STEM career path early in life; she pursued a diploma course in medical electronic engineering and later, obtained a degree in electrical and electronic engineering...

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Esther Ping Dominic

is a writer who is surprisingly still alive despite the saying “curiosity kills the cat”. Having been on the receiving end of undeserved kindness, she aims to live her life reflecting that.