Recalling the Music Scene in 1950s Penang

By Kelvyn Yeang

March 2021 FEATURE
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SOME CALL THE era The Swinging ᾽50s. But that was over 60 years ago, and with the music of the decades since then permeating local popular culture so thoroughly, one has to wonder what the music scene was actually like in Penang.And so, Penang Monthly seeks out four music veterans who have vivid impressions of the dance halls, and of the arrival of rock and roll.From left to right – Noel (Bull) Remedios, Jacob Chin, Leander Jeremiah, Frank Rozells, William...

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Kelvyn Yeang

Proficient in multiple creative disciplines, Kelvyn Yeang is a musician by night and media content creator by day. When he is not writing, designing, or creating, Kelvyn wanders the streets of George Town in search of a good story and a cup of coffee.