Penang Now a Prime Centre for Wafer Fabrication Equipment Manufacturing

By Lee Siu Ming

January 2021 IN THE INDUSTRY
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An artist impression of Lam Manufacturing Malaysia in Batu Kawan.
THE GLOBAL FORTUNE 500 company Lam Research Corporation (Lam Research) announced last February that it will soon be investing in Penang.A global supplier of innovative wafer fabrication equipment (WFE), Lam Research is expected to complement Penang’s established position in back-end high technology machinery and equipment, and semiconductor assembly and testing. Electronic chips are tricky to produce and require a core set of sophisticated processes and fabrication equipment – this market is where WFE companies like Lam Research have an advantage.Data...

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Lee Siu Ming

is a senior analyst at Penang Institute, and believes in the Latin phrase Audi alteram partem, loosely translated as “Listen to the other side".