Biking Through the Valley of Death

By Ong Soo Yong

January 2021 PHOTO ESSAY
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IT WAS APRIL 28, 2019. On my KTM 1290 Super Adventure R, I exited Penang through Bukit Kayu Hitam. The group of us, seven riders in total, were on our way to Tibet. The journey would take us 42 days, covering 15,000km in mileage.From Thailand, we rode through Laos, Yunnan Province in China, and finally reached Tibet via the Southern Route. There, we went through Lhasa, arrived at Mount Everest and Mount Kailash and reached Pangong Lake, the epicentre of...

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Ong Soo Yong

An adrenaline junkie, Ong Soo Yong used to race cars for fun in the Sepang International Circuit before taking up biking which has led him on many unforgettable adventures, one of which is this harrowing Tibetan journey.