The Motorbike – Symbol of Penang and its Economic Vibrancy

By Kenneth Ooi

January 2021 COVER STORY
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SEE THE AUNTY puttering on the three-wheeler Honda C90, dragging a cart of triple-mixed iced soya bean, “leong fun” and milo; the beverages slushing around violently as she zips her way to an after-school stop? Or that uncle selling piping hot bowls of yong tau foo on the Honda EX-5 to satiate late-night cravings?Photo: chrispictures©123RF.COM.The humble motorcycle, or kapchai as the locals fondly call it, is one very essential – albeit underrated – vehicle. A typical comment when the newly...

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Kenneth Ooi

is a Xavierian and an avid motoring fan. He enjoys riding “Round Island” discovering Penang with friends and remembers vividly when Gurney Drive’s roundabout did not have speed bumps.