Come Travel the Rich Food Trail in Bukit Mertajam

By Marcus Dip Silas

January 2021 FEATURE
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PENANG’S GASTRONOMIC DELIGHTS are world-renowned. But somewhat biasedly, these are often limited to the offerings found on the Island. The food scene in mainland Penang is a terrain ripe for culinary adventure and as someone who was born here, I am passionate about helping fellow foodies discover its amazing food, starting with these five highly recommended eateries:BM Yam Rice Kopitiam (大山脚芋饭专卖店)BM Yam Rice Kopitiam can be found on Jalan Murthy, an inconspicuous little turnoff a few hundred metres down the...

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Marcus Dip Silas

is an interculturalist and the author of Founders' Grit, a compilation biography celebrating the accomplishments and achievements of Penang tech and manufacturing entrepreneurs.