Is Penang Truly Inclusive for Persons with Disabilities?

By Ooi Tze Xiong

December 2020 FEATURE
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Each Rapid Mobiliti van has the maximum capacity of four wheelchairs and is outfitted with a hydraulic lift system. Photo: Rapid Bus.
LIVEABILITY IS VERY much a layered concept. Since the 1960s, discourse on city planning and policies – and the increasing moral imperative of leaving no one behind – has dominated and expanded its study to include all levels of society.1Ernest, Jia Hui and their eight-month-old daughter. Photo: Ooi Tze Xiong.Penang Island is ranked one of the most liveable cities in Malaysia alongside KL,2 with significant efforts channelled, among others, towards improving infrastructure, affordable housing and public spaces. But is Penang...

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Ooi Tze Xiong

currently delves into content creation and enjoys piloting drones as a hobby. After years of sojourning in cities across Malaysia and Singapore, he eventually decided to call Penang home.