Peri-urbanisation in Penang: A Potential to Exploit or a Threat to Overcome?

By Syafiqah Nazurah Mukhtar

December 2020 FEATURE
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Peri-urbanisation evens out the population concentration to mainland Penang where the cost of living is relatively more affordable. Photo: Syafiqah Nazurah Mukhtar.
PERI-URBANISATION DESCRIBES the transitional process of an area peripheral to urban centres, the end result of which boasts an interesting blend of rural and urban characteristics. The boundaries of peri-urban areas are not well-demarcated, instead these tend to straddle their urban/regional and rural environs.A high demand for built environments has forced the conversion of paddy fields into housing developments and industrial plants. Photo: Syafiqah Nazurah Mukhtar.What exactly causes peri-urbanisation? This is a hotly mooted subject, with some experts claiming it...

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Syafiqah Nazurah Mukhtar

is an urban studies researcher who also loves to decorate homes and spaces.