Penang through the Eyes of Young Resident Foreigners

By Cheah Mi Chelle

December 2020 FEATURE
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HAILED A RETIREE’S paradise, Penang welcomes expatriates from all over the world to call the state their home. But curiously – and excitingly – it also attracts younger expats. Some arrive by intent, while others discover Penang purely by chance. Penang Monthly chats with four who have come to feel a sense of affinity for the Pearl of the Orient.A Place for Multilingual Education“I came here with my family for education reasons. My mum wanted us to study in multiple...

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Cheah Mi Chelle

is a copywriter and a Bachelor’s and Master's graduate in English and Related Literature. A huge fan of sentient robot fiction, she loves volunteering with children and is interested in various topics such as the study of emotions, embodiment, and the relationship between image and text, particularly in comics and graphic novels.